Game development tools. Art and sound.

Polyverse was created out of the words 'polygon' and 'universe', while also being a wordplay on 'multiverse'. Virtual worlds, simulations, emulations, and beyond.

Polyverse OÜ provides consultancy services relating to the Ryzom Core MMORPG engine.

We are also the operator of the Ryzom Core wiki, and the Ryzom Core testing servers.

For more information, see, or contact [email protected].

New Project: AI Chatbot

We're working on a unique chatbot service for natural conversations in group chats.
The original underlying technology can be applied to community chat groups as well as for immersive in-game NPC chat systems in online games.

Chat with AI anime catgirl Ruri and create your own chatbot friends on our Discord server.

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E-mail us at [email protected] if you're looking for a custom AI chatbot solution based on our platform.

We also develop custom tools for artists, and other games and graphics related software.

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